Monday, July 28, 2008

48. I Love You But I'm Ugly

I was in the bathroom doing Number 1 while a canto-pop song pulsed through the speakers. And I came up with a song. An actual original song. But then we went Ottawa, and I had no recording equipment or even a computer to figure out words or anything. It was brutal trying to remember the song. I was hoping to make it sound a bit canto-poppy, but it went through a variety of iterations and in the end, I thought I should make it sound like an 80's song, because that's just me. Garageband is great, it's like made to make 80's songs.

I was going to pull in some other musicians to help me, but I just wanted to get it done so I completed it in about four hours. It would have been quicker if I wasn't watching Bill Cosby youtube vids at the same time.

I Love You But I'm Ugly

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All was pretty simple
Got used to being rejected
Life in parent's basement
Was a fate I'd accepted

And then I met you
So lovely and kind
Gave me the time of day
Took me by surprise

I love you, but I'm ugly
Can't talk to girls, else they'd mace me.
I love you, but I'm ugly
Thanks for the lovely smile.

They said that I was too nice
They said I made a great friend and brother
They'd hang up if I'd call them
I was a nuisance and bother

But I talked to you
No furtive glances to your watch
I talked to you
The furthest I have ever got

I love you, but I'm ugly
I'd wear a burqa, to hide what you see
I love you, but I'm ugly
Thanks for the lovely talk.

Would try to ask a girl out
Be embarrassed by their derision
They say that love is blind.
But girls I met had 20/20 vision

And then I met you
I didn't even understand
Why you'd be with me
You'd even let me hold your hand

I love you, but I'm ugly
Don't even know how you could face me
I love you, but I'm ugly
Thanks just for being there

I love you, but I'm butt ugly
Shocked by your kindness, you smiled at me
I know I love you, and I'm homely
I'm glad you have bad taste.
And here I found my perfect place
Thanks for your love and grace

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Deborah said...

Hey! How'd you get the song embedded? Why am I so dumb I can't figure out how? I'm so glad you're writing more songs, you're so good at it :)