Wednesday, July 16, 2008

45. Alone: Day 5 - A taste of spice in a bland diet

July Tuesday, 12am

I am now the master of the TTC. The stranglehold of fear the Toronto thingy had over me has been vanquished. All it took was a little time, a little care, and the determination to get to games.

Last night was gaming night at Aaron's, which was great because I haven't gone for about 3 weeks.

For all three of you that are reading these accounts, I don't play games every day! ... Well, I don't play boardgames every day, unlike the last 4 days. And today. Nor do I drink Bailey's every night. Unlike the last 4 nights.

And tonight.

I had three glasses of the stuff. Straight. On ice. Which is nothing like Disney on ice. Less princesses.

Remember, these are pitiful coping mechanisms of a man fighting for survival against the forces of chaos in an uncaring and lonely world. Forces which his wife, armed only with competence and a keen, but beautiful mind, was able to vanquish day after day as the onslought continued.

Well, I guess if they were vanquished, they wouldn't come back. But this is a blog, not a literary masterpiece.

Lunch was cabbage soup. Supper was ramen noodle soup. No breakfast though. I didn't wake up early enough to get breakfast ready. The soy milk is running low, so I can't make oatmeal. I don't even know how to make it, actually. Yes, there are only two ingredients, but you have a touch that makes it good. I have a touch that makes it burned.

No one drank any of my Bailey's at games night. They're all young and hip over there. I show up in my workshirt with food stains. But I am a geek and I am proud.

Remember at the end of Empire Strikes back? Luke, hanging on for dear life off the bottom of cloud city, hand cut off, melodramatic and over acting. He is eventually rescued by Leia. But it's not over yet, it's only the 2nd in the trilogy. Poor Han is frozen in carbonite and captured by Boba Fett, but there is hope! Luke and Leia stare wistfully out into a star studded galaxy as the camera pans back to reveal the Rebel fleet.

No AT-AT's, though... but we got those at the beginning of the movie. AT-AT's are cool.

Anyway, the point is that this is a comparison to your phone call. I finally got a chance to talk to you, talk to Ekko, and not to Zoe because she was busy eating.

You told me of all the young and nubile men that are vying for your affection. I told you that the bird is on life support.

You did tell me of sausages though. I was quite pleased. The Case of the Mysterious Tinfoiled Package in the Freezer had been a tough one to crack. It had been bothering me for days. It was you who had the foresight to remember what was in it. And the mystery was solved! It was like the Hardy Boys. Well, you're female, so maybe more like the when the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew teamed up. Minus one guy. Which is good, because we'd be fighting over you.

Like the kids fight over the DS.

You know, there was a first iteration of this. I lost it in the great Safari crash of '08. This version is much, much, longer. I think I talked more about Star Wars in the last one. And rice.

I love you.

Well, what do you know! Here is the original note! I guess I didn't lose it after all. Since I spent a half an hour writing it, I'll include it here for fun. For the rest of you, don't read it. It's just a reiteration of the above. It just has more rice in it.

July Tuesday, 12am

I am the master of the Toronto Transit C... uh... what does the C stand for? Anyway, I used it tonight, and will use it tomorrow. I went to our chinese convenient store, bought some tickets, found out that they expire in a month, and then used a ticket to get on a bus.

I knew which bus to take! And I didn't get lost. It took me to the subway station, and instead of actually following the rote path I normally take when driving, I ignored caution as I do most commands you give me dealing with cleaning, and boldly got off at a different station.

Sure, I was disoriented, but I was not beaten! And I arrived at... yet another game night.

Er... I don't want to paint the wrong picture. It's not every day I play games. I mean, not every day other than the last five days. This is called a coping mechanism to deal with the fact the love of my life is off in the wilderness fending off wild men yearning for the chance to finally be alone with my wife.

And what does she have to worry about? That I feed the fish. Hardly fair, if you ask me.

Crums. Did I do that today? I think I did.

You called. A drop of sunshine in a dark foreboding pool of gloom. It's like when Luke is about to fall out of cloud city, but is rescued by Leia and Calrissian. It's not the end of the series, and Han Solo is frozen in carbonite and has been captured by Boba Fett, but there is a glimmer of hope as the heroes stare wistfully into the galaxy on the medical frigate.

I'm not looking wistfully at anything, but I am hungry. I just had ramen noodle soup for supper.

Fortunately, you called and told me about sausages. That's good to know. I fear making rice.

Rice gets me into trouble. It's rising in price, it seems to be a veritable breeding place for all sorts of moldy goodness, and it makes bathroom times a tad bit more difficult than it should be.

So the rice pot is sitting in the dish washer. I put pots in there too. Is there a reason we don't put pots in dish washers? We rarely do and I don't know why. Is it like not putting metal in microwaves? I doubt the effects would be as disastrous, but still . It's one of those things about kitchen survival that I am unaware of.

Oh, yes, I was going to tell you about my day. I worked, at soup, and played games.

I did drink bailey's too. Had it straight. In fact, had about 3 glasses of the stuff. Small glasses. With ice cubes. No one at Aaron's house wanted to drink any. I must be a really big loser in their eyes. Who brings Bailey's to games night? Other than me, for the last four days.

Good thing we have three bottles of the stuff. This is the most alcohol I've consumed in my life. You come back, I'm an alcoholic.

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